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DHA Utilities

Some of these pieces are integral to the system. Others are designed streamline your daily life, others to eliminate some of the annoyance of living in the computer world

DHA Mail - The big brother of the best selling award winning FastPak Mail. Provides all the name and address functions for all DHA Software. Customers, Prospects, Vendors, ShipTo addresses. There is also a list of contacts for each company as well as followup notes that can be used for sales tracking, collections, what ever you want to followup. Easy entry. List by date. Very cool.

DHA Spam - The Fast Easy way to dispense with spam. No danger of losing important emails. Just scan and one key blocks and deletes all the unwanted email. Couldn't be any easier than this.

DHA Fax Servers - We've created a number of fax solutions over the years from single line fax servers for automatic faxing of estimates to multi-line fax servers for broadcast fax sending thousands of faxes a day.

Unless you're in the broadcast fax business, you probably don't need the big multi-line solution, but the single line system allows anyone to fax from any Windows application.

DHA Email Servers - Email is replacing fax as a way of sending information. Our email server provides the same flexibility for sending emails. For example estimates can be automatically emailed with either an attached PDF, Word document, or TIF file based on the preference for that contact in the names database.

DHA Backup - Not only backup files, but archive documents, and move old data from an Access database to an archive. Also clean directories of old unused files.

DHA Note - This is a one page note pad that replaces all the miscellaneous paper notes on your desk. Sits in the system tray with the clock. Pop it up any time. Type in notes. Copy and paste.

DHA Notes - I got tired of having links for favorites in one place and text notes somewhere else. I tried dozens of programs, but nothing quite worked, so I wrote this. This brings everything together on one page by Topic. Type in links, text, whatever you want. Quick easy. All in one place.

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