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DHA Estimating automatically contains all the time required for each operation. When a job is created, the time for each machine is posted to Scheduling and Job Cost.

Since the Estimating system has variations of machines for pricing that aren't actually used for scheduling, you can translate machine codes from the Estimate and to Scheduling.

On the Scheduling screen, all the new jobs are listed in a queue with time blocks for each machine. You can either AutoSchedule a job, or drag it and drop it on the Electronic Schedule Board for a particular machine or group of machines.

Once on the board, you can move or drag and drop.

Finished jobs are automatically close when they have been shipped within 90 of ordered quantity.

You can also drag jobs to a finished box on the Schedule screen, or drag them to the Hold box.

Once you have the Schedule the way you want it, you can print a variety of schedule reports by machine, by date, etc. You can also control the sorting and page breaks.

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