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The Job Ticket that almost writes itself !

DHA Job Ticket

Job Ticket Prints automatically from any Estimate. No re-entering job info. No typing. Just quantity, PO Number and special instructions.

Automated paper order all stocks needed for new jobs.

Inventory Scan for available paper

Prints PO for all buyouts

Adds Job to History Log - for easy rerun lookup.

Getting jobs into production and keeping track of them are two of the biggest challenges to any production control effort.

DHA Docket takes care of the first part of this process by writing the Job Ticket and the materials orders.

Docket Writing

The Docket or Job Ticket Writing module eliminates the bottleneck of getting dockets written. Simply select the estimate number, and a docket with paper cut order are automatically produced. The job is automatically added to the history log.

Paper Ordering

Part of getting the job started right is making sure the paper will be available at the right time.

The Docket program print a stock cut order and ink order for all stock required for the job.

Buyout Purchase Orders

You can automatically print Purchase Orders for each buyout in the Estimate.

Purchase Orders allocate costs to the Job Cost file so the job can be costed and billed without waiting for the actual invoice. It's important here to enforce a policy that you will only pay the amount on the PO at the time the job is delivered to your dock.


Integrated Modules: Estimating, Docket writing, Scheduling, Data Collection, Job Cost, Automatic Invoicing, Completely Integrated Accounting.

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