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The DHA Inventory system provides a quick and easy way to keep track of quantities and valuations of almost any kind of material.

Multiple Inventories - Rather than one large inventory, the DHA Inventory system allows any number of smaller inventories, so similar items can be grouped together.

  • Raw Materials
  • Customer Property
  • Supplies
  • Finished Goods
  • Valued and Non-valued - You can keep track of everything including non-valued items, like customer property
  • You can mark inventories to be excluded from valuation.
  • Integrates with Job Cost, Invoicing, and Accounting.
  • Product codes are alpha numeric. Easy to use and remember mnemonic words and codes.

Inventory record includes:

Inventory Code (letters or numbers) made up of the following optional codes so you can look at an inventory code and know intuitively what it is.

Unit Code 1 character
Location (letters or Numbers)
Last order date
Expected arrival date
Purchase order number
Vendor Code to match DHA vendor file.
Original Cost per unit
Current value per unit
Quantity on hand 1 character
Quantity on hold (letters or Numbers)
Minimum quantity
Order quantity
Quantity on order 1 character
Total Quantity sold (Can be reset annually or as desired)
Standard markup
Ten price break levels

Inventory Reports

A variety of listings can be produced at any time

Order Now - List of all items at or below minimum quantity.

On Order - List of all items on order with arrival date.

Vendor - List of items by selected vendor.

Location - List of items by location for inventory counting

All Items - Complete list of items with all information.

Valuation - Total dollar value of all or selected inventories.

Price List - List of items with cost multiplied by markup for price lists. Price lists can be put in text files for further modification and editing or formatting.  

Physical Inventory is counted using the location listing. Quantities are entered quickly and easily with a minimum of keystrokes. Item numbers are flashed on screen for each inventory and quantities are simply entered with no wasted keystrokes. Quantities can be entered as actual amount or as + or - values.

The DHA Inventory System can be linked to Invoicing, Purchasing, or other Accounting modules. Use either standard or customized forms.

Usage Tracking

All inventory activity is maintained in monthly files that simplify reconciling calculated quantities to physical counts.

Integrated Modules: Estimating, Order Entry, Docket writing, Cut Order, Stock Requirement, Scheduling, Data Collection, Job Cost, Automatic Invoicing, Accounting.

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New - InkRolls to track stock rolls, ink usage, sheets, etc
Easily print Bar Code Labels for anything
Load Master to track Work In Process and Finished Goods
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