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Screen Print Estimating Details

Part of a complete system - The Screen Print version of estimating deals specifically with Screen Print operations. General format and features are the same as the standard estimating program, but the input questions and machine price tables are specific for Screen Print hand and machine operations.

The house and customer copy of the quote are designed for Screen Print operations.

Integrates with all other DHA modules to form a complete system for Screen Print and Sign companies.

Program asks for job specs. Operations are selected automatically, You can override any selection, and manually select any operation. You can also create your own price tables for non-standard operations.

Job Categories - Outdoor Signs, Architectural Signs, Banners, Trade Show Graphics, Labels & Overlays, Decals, Vinyl Graphics, Fleet Marking. Single or multi parts. You can add a part to any estimate anytime.

Automatic price table calculation

Here are the main operations and machines. All prices are stored in tables that are already setup and ready to use. Just change the prices to reflect your costs. You can easily add operations to existing tables or create new tables of your own.

Graphics - Desktop Publishing & Imaging, Machine Cut Vinyl Graphics, Hand Painting, Pasteup, etc.

Film - Camera (positive and negative), Hand Cut, Plotter Cut.

Printing Options - Top, Sub-surface, Mirror, Face, Back, 2 sides.

Substrates - You can setup as many substrate files as you want to keep similar materials together (ie Vinyl, Marnot, Lexan, Sintra, Wood, Boards, Paper, etc). Pricing can be by weight, per 1000 sheets, or per 1000 square inches.

Cutting Operations - Diecut, Router, Shear Cutter, Sawcut, Backslit.

Finishing Operations - Bend, Grommet, Sew, Drill, Fabricate, Glue, Laminate.

All finishing operations have an option to make or buy. Make operations and dies use Simple, Average, Difficult, Xdifficult (SADX) pricing.

Quality Control/Inspection - per piece simple, average, difficult, xtra difficult.

Inks are menu selected by category (vinyl, poster, etc), then by color. Each ink color has it's own cost and coverage factors. Pricing is based on square inches in job, percent coverage for each ink and ink cost per gallon.

Cutting - 4 separate cutter price tables for different size sheets, cutting 1 to 9 out plus additional pieces out. Pricing based on cost per lift. You define lift size. Substrate caliper determines lift count.

Drill - Drill Setup and run 1 - 9 holes per lift. Lift size is user defined. Lift count is determined by substrate caliper.

Packing & Shipping

Wrap - Wrap, band, tie, Kraft, shrink, business card box, all small, medium, large, xlarge.

Pack - Carton (by weight or pieces), skid, kit

Deliver - By zone (1-9)

Ship - Ship how and payment options (prepaid, COD).


Integrated Modules: Order Entry Docket writing, Cut Order, Stock Requirement, Scheduling, Job Cost, Automatic Invoicing, Completely Integrated Accounting.


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See overview for general features
Note: This module has not yet been converted to Windows. You can be the first, and literally design the way it works. Have it your way. Call us for details.