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Commercial Print Estimating Details

Job categories: Flat sheets, Booklets, Multi-part forms, Cards, Envelopes, Tab Dividers, Single or multiple items, Single or multi parts. You can add a part to any estimate anytime.

Only asks questions appropriate to job category. Letterhead won't ask about drill or fold.

You select stock from the paper master. The program shows you all the available sizes and suggests the best cut for minimum waste. You chose the size and price you want. Makeready and run waste is calculated for you.

Enter new paper on the fly so your paper master file grows as you go.

Automatic price table calculation

The following tables are already part of the system. You can add your own price tables, and even add questions and calculations.

Artwork:  Design, layout, illustration, photography, desktop publishing, 

Camera/Film: Linenegs, halftones, duotones, color seps, tints, stripping, plates (new, standing, or rerun with or without changes), proofs (b&w or color), plate and proof extra burns.

Commercial Offset: Makeready, run, washup, ink (based on coverage and stock absorbency). Up to 6 ink colors automatic. sheet fed, web, single or multi-color, one side or perfecting presses. As many presses as you want.

Paper: CWT pricing for simplified price file maintenance, or M/sheet prices. All available sizes and 5 vendor price categories. Caliper for exact cutting and bindery lift calculations. 

Machine Bindery: Prepress and post press cutting, folder setup, run, score and perf on folder, press or machine, 

Hand Bindery: Collating, drilling, stitching, padding, etc.

Finishing: Embossing, die cutting, numbering, foil stamp, coat.

Assembly: Kit, collate, pad

Packaging: Wrap (shrink, band, tie, kraft), carton, skid pack. Ship, delivery. 

Price calculations: Unlimited quantities

Markups: Paper, buyouts, overall markup, and sales markup. Easily modified by job or quantity. Set default by customer.

Printouts: In-house copy with cost detail. Quote letter.

Options: QuickEst, ZipEst, Offset,

Integrated Modules: Order Entry, Docket writing, Cut Order, Stock Requirement, Scheduling, Data Collection, Job Cost, Automatic Invoicing, Completely Integrated Accounting.

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