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Trade Finishing Estimating Details

The Finishing version of estimating deals specifically with trade finishing operations. General format and features are the same as the standard estimating program, but the input questions and machine price tables are specific for machine and hand finishing operations like diecutting, stamping, and embossing.

The Quote Letter is designed for finishing only.

Integrates with all other DHA modules to form a complete system for trade finishing companies.

Automatic price table calculation

These modules were created as part of a custom system to meet the needs of a large finishing company. Additional customizing can be easily and economically done to further personalize the system to perform exactly as you would like.

Job types include Sheets, Folders, Folding Cartons, Boxes, Tabs, Letterhead Package, Rolidex Cards, Hangers (Door/Bottle). 

You can add a part to any estimate anytime.

Program asks for job specifications and selects operations and prices automatically with plenty of options to override system or make manual selections.

For example, selecting a job type Folders will produce a series of questions relating to folders (panels, panel size, pockets, inches of pocket, glue flaps, reinforced edges, capacity and expansion spines and pockets).

Operations for Diecut, Foil Stamp, Emboss, Laminate, UV Coat, Box Folding and Gluing, Presentation Folders Fold and Glue, Kleenstick,   

Unlimited presses. Any Size - For example Kluge, Windmill, Heidleberg Cylinder, Bobst, Ijyma.

Difficulty Levels - Simple, Average, Difficult, Xdifficult.

Steel Rule Dies have price tables for base die per square inch and extras for special diecuts (punches, tabs, etc). Option for extra time or dollars.

Die Builder calculates cost of dies based on pieces and inches of rule, round corners, irregular corners, and base die board.

Brass, Mag, and other dies are buyouts. Other buyouts can be added easily.

The diecutting screen also has options for special diecuts (punch, Rolidex Card, Business Card Slits, Slots, Slits, Windows, and tabs.

Each of these operations automatically generates price lines for additions to the base Die Cost, additions to the base makeready cost, and additions to the base run cost. Difficulty levels for Press Makeready and run are based on paper weight (Light, Medium, Heavy, and Xheavy). Press selection is by press sheet size.

Jobs can be one up or multiples. Each operation can be different sheet size (for example, sheet comes 4 up, stamps 4 up, chop cuts to 2 up, emboss 2 up, cut to 1 up and diecut.

Dies can be single or multiple. Additional dies generate added die and makeready cost.

Other job types have questions specific to the appropriate operations. You don't see questions that don't relate. Edit screen allows you to change or modify specifications and recalculate.

Coating and Laminating UV coating, film laminating.

Fold and Glue can be machine or hand. Machine fold and glue tables include folders and boxes.

Miscellaneous bindery operations include Cutting, Drill, Assemble, Kleenstik, Tipins, and Handwork.

Box types include Sleeve, Tuck End, Snaplock Bottom/Tuck Top, Auto Bottom Tuck Top, Seal End, VCR Box, Simplex Tray, 4-corner and 6-corner tray. Extras on boxes include Thumb Notch, Tongue Lock, Mailing Lock, Peg Hangers, Reinforced Cover, Disk Slot, VCR Cut out, Inside Partition, Platform, Easel Back, Cover.

Packing & Shipping

Wrap - Wrap, Band, Tie, Kraft, Shrink, Business Card Box, all small, medium, large, xlarge.

Pack - Carton (by weight or pieces), Skid, Kit

Deliver - By zone (1-9)

Ship - Ship how and payment options (prepaid, COD).

Stock - Paper master lets you define problem stocks. Tracks weight and finish for each part to calculate book thickness and package weight.

Integrated Modules: Order Entry Docket writing, Cut Order, Stock Requirement, Scheduling, Job Cost, Automatic Invoicing, Completely Integrated Accounting.

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