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DHA Names

This is the big brother of our best selling award winning FastPak Mail program from the days of yesteryear.

Provides all the Name, Address, and Contact Functions for all DHA Software. You can use it for anything else you want. It's got plenty of power and lots of useful features. Everything you need for maintaining high level customer relationships (aka CRM)

You have the information in one place for all your...

  • Customers
  • Prospects
  • Vendors
  • ShipTo Addresses
  • Unlimited Contacts for each company
  • Any other mailing list you want to create

Easy to Enter Follow-up notes that can be used for sales tracking, collections, what ever you want to follow-up. List by date, Sales Rep, Subject, Complete, Incomplete.

Easy to create and modify Print Formats with our super-powerful FaxMerge (does Email too). Lets you print anything in the DHANames database on anything you can get in your printer. Or you can export the data to a file. You can add images and graphics to any print format.

Plenty of ways to sort and select. With our super-easy List Builder you can do things like select all the names with zip codes that begin with 945 for example.

Since it started out being a Mailing List program, it still has a bunch of Mailing List features for Bulk Mailing...

  • Duplicate Elimination (you select fields)
  • Bulk Mail Zip and Bundle Counts
  • Bad Zip code Filter
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