Welcome to the great DHA Software giveway

In a revolutionary move, DHA is providing unlimited access to the entire library of it’s flagship VB6 MIS systems and utilities.

These systems originally sold for $5000 to $16,000. You can download and use any or all of them for free just by registering for a 6-month trial subscription (no credit card required). During the trial subscription you can download and use any or all of the software you want for at no cost!  The only limitation is that you can’t resell it unless you A) add some value, and B) obtain our permission.

Support, Training, and Custom programming are available for around $100 per hour depending on how may hours you want to buy, but is not required. After the trial period the subscription fee is $100 per year, which gives you continuous access to the very latest version of everything

Here is what you can do:
If you are a printing company:

  • You can download whatever programs and source code you want
  • You can hire your own programmer to make code changes for you
  • You can hire DHA to make code changes for you
  • You can learn Visual Basic and make your own code changes

If you are a programmer:

  • You can make yourself available to printing companies to make code changes for them. You can start in our VB6 marketplace.
  • If you’re good and a problem solver you might consider joining our support team.

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